New Release Fabrika Fantasy: Birds Nest

And a second coloring page :)

I wish I had some more time to really do my best with this coloring page, but I can't stop/pause time. It s**ks, I know... But wow, it is a great image to color! I used appr. 3 hours on this one.

I used this color scheme and did my own thing...

New Release Fabrika Fantasy: Waterfairy And Dragon

Oh my gosh! I love this coloring page! And it was sooo fun to color! I really did struggle figuring out colors to use- so my headed over to suziqcreations.com and looked around. Joy! I found a great color scheme and I think I was pretty good sticking to it- in my own way ;)

This is Waterfairy and Dragon

The colorscheme;

New Release Fabrika Fantasy: Summer Puppy

Hi again :)

Now this doesn't look like other things I've made lately. You know those bits and pieces laying around sometimes make a card all by them self! After being moved from her to there some months, I finally glued them together. And Summer Puppy is so happy about it :) 

New Release Fabrika Fantasy: Fun Racing

Here I have a little giftbox measuring approx 7 x 7 cm featuring...

Fun Racing!

Who wins? The snail? The tortoise? Do the snail's stick break? Will the wind pick up some speed and let the tortoise win? Who knows?

This is such a fun image! I'm gonna use it again very soon- in a setting you will not be able to guess ;) 

New Release Fabrika Fantasy: Summer Kitten

(My little kitten (6 months old) is in heat for the very first time. It's a lot of "meeeooooww", high and deep! I saw her reaction first time she had this "voice". She looked very surprised! Like the little kitten staring in the mirror and see a lion... "Oh my, I'm a big girl!"... Yes, she is full of it! 

I made a CAS card using "Summer Kitten". Some fuzzy cutting and layering up later, added a printed sentiment and voila- card done.

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