DIY candle lanterns

My inspiration piece for #120 Anything Goes over at Through The Purple Haze is a DIY project I have been working on.

3 tin cans that used to hold dogfood! After being washed thoroughly, I removed the sharp edge from where the lid was- it's typical me scratching my hands up on this edge. I just bent it up and in using this kind of tool
Bilderesultat for tang på engelsk

I drew some stars on a paper, cutted them out and attached them to the tins with some tape. The tape is needed to keep them in place while using hammer and a nail (or two!) to make the patterns on the tins.

Then I painted the tins with white Gesso, allowed to dry, and sealed with Mod Podge. After this step, and testing them with candles inside I had a change of heart. I wanted colors!

I used some Alcohol Inks from my hobbyroom, copper and black. I let the two colors partly blend, but used different amount of inks on the different tins. Making one dark, one midtoned, and one light. They are the same, yet not the same 😊

I'm waiting for more tins to be emptied by the dogs, because this was FUN! I wanna turn them all into a chandelier with electric bulbs inside- but I can't make the dogs eat more while waiting *lol*

Thanks for looking!

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