LACY SUNSHINE MAGAZINE #1 IS OUT!!!! Card and photoframe from me

Hi, finally the wait is over and the first issue of Lacy Sunshine Magazine is out!
For me it was not much time to make two projects for the magazine, but I did it :)
If you hav'nt preordered it, you can get it over at the Lacy Sunshine Shop, over 100 pages with a lot of inspiration!!!

My first project

The first project I made for the magazine is this card using Emmilou Boo- Hop Scotch. She was really fun to color!! Due to my lack of skills coloring backgrounds with perspective, I cheated using stamps along the edges.

I made a double display card, and photos from the creative process is to be found over at the magazine.

And a closeup of Emmilou

And the card folded

My second project

 I was in the process of making an album for my youngest daughter, Thea. Why not kill two birds with one stone? Thea loves playing around with soap bubbles, and I asked Heather if she had a digi with that theme... It didnt take long before Thea Boo- Blowing Bubbles was born! Isnt she cute??
When Thea saw her Boo sister early in the morning, she didnt wanted to go to the kindergarten at all. But after me promising she could color her when she was back home it was ok. She also requested a frame with images of herself and our dog- so the album is still halfway done *lol*

Here is the frame;

After a FEW days displayed in our livingroom, Thea placed the frame on her nightstand. She loves looking at it, playing with the pearlstrings and count all the bubbles of every kind.

Some closeups;

Images from the creative process are to be seen in the magazine :)

Thanks for your visit, hope to see you around!!

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