TTPH Secret Santa Blog Hop

We have all gone nuts, our second bloghop in two days!!!

Hopefully you came here after visiting Jacqui, but if you didn't; you might start over at Through The Purple Haze to make sure you visit all of us :)

Over to my gift from Secret Santa :D

And wow, its a lot of stuff!!! I have already been playing a little with some of it, but nothing is finished yet... Slow crafter as I am:) But my Secret Santa knows I love everything she sent me, so it will not be long before you all see some projects using my new stuff

Ok, here we goooo!!!

First, the beautiful box that kept all the goodies :)
This one I will truely treasure for ever!!

...the card and some more...

...more goodies...

And believe it or not, its more!!

And this little rascal I noticed last, as it was stuck in the lid *lol*

 Secret Santa, you know I love your gift!!!

And to keep hopping, I will pass you on to:


Thanks for your visit :)

9 kommentarer:

  1. wow Lisbeth so much lovely stuff, have fun with it :)

  2. Oh what a lovely parcel from your SEcret Santa of beautiful crafting goodies...

  3. what a lovely box and lovely goodies

  4. Wow, this is brilliant, I love the box xxx

  5. That is the coolest box I've ever seen!! Wow, you have a lot of goodies there to have fun with!

  6. Seriously, that box is sensational. I would have been happy with just getting that. But those butterflies are definitely my favorite item. Faith

  7. Such super box and full of goodness too. Your scored..

  8. i think your SS did well finding you the things you like ....i see a lot of bling bling going on xx

  9. Wow, fab box and goodies! Loads of bling, can't wait to see your creations :)


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